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(1896 -- early 1969)

According to SF fandom historian Harry Warner, Jr., Harold Palmer Piser was an elderly man who claimed to possess absolutely no interest in fandom, had a low opinion of most fans, but was retired, had lots of spare time, and had a mania for indexing things. He lived in the New York City area and did show up at club meetings in the area.

After he retired, he decided to bring the Evans-Pavlat Fanzine Index up to date through 1965, planned to rename it the Bibliography of Fanzines, and started out by reprinting the Pavlat-Evans volume within one cover, in loose-leaf format.

The 141-page volume appeared in 1965; but it did not sell well, reinforcing Piser's view of fans and fandom.

Nevertheless, Piser continued to work on his bibliography until his death.

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