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(b. January 30, 1941)

An American pro writer, fan, and astrophysicist who is probably best known professionally for the Galactic Center Saga novels, beginning with In the Ocean of Night. His first pro sale was to F&SF in 1965. He was GoH at the 1999 Worldcon, Aussiecon Three.

He was born in Mobile, AL, and was a member of the Dallas Futurian Society and an Atlanta club. He helped to organize Southwestercon VI in 1958.

He has an identical twin brother, Jim Benford, with whom he has collaborated on sf stories and fanzines (Void). He remains a regular contributor to fanzines, including Apparatchik, Trap Door, Innuendo, DNQ, Izzard, and Mainstream. He was a member of LASFS, The Cult, FAPA, and OMPA and is still a member of Lilapa. He was president of the ISFCC.

Fanzine and Apazines:

He has been nominated four times for the Hugo: 1970 Best Short Story Hugo 1976 Best Short Story Hugo 1978 Best Novella Hugo 1997 Best Novella Hugo

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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