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Galaxy Science Fiction Novels, sometimes titled Galaxy SF Novels, or simply Galaxy Novels, were a series of mostly reprint American SF novels published between 1950 and 1961.

The series was started by H. L. Gold, the editor of Galaxy Science Fiction, in 1950 as a companion to the main Galaxy magazine. There was one novel per issue, which appeared in digest size format, making the books in the series look like digest magazines.

In 1959, after 35 issues, the series was sold to Beacon Books, which changed the format to mass-market paperback size and introduced its own numbering scheme, continuing the series for another 11 issues. They also had the contents of some books revised to add mild sexual content and changed their titles accordingly.

Many famous Sf novels were included in the series, including Odd John, The Legion of Space, Sinister Barrier, The World Below, and Prelude to Space.

Cover artists for the series included Paul Callé, John Bunch, Ed Emshwiller, Wally Wood, Gerald McConnel, Robert Stanley, Samson Pollen, David Karl Stone, and Leo Dillon & Diane Dillon.

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