Futurian Ambassadors of Good Will

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From Fancyclopedia 1 ca 1944
(Tucker) - Dick Wilson, Don Wollheim, and John Michel, who toured the northeast in Wilson's mother's car, in May 1939, when the Futurian star was low, hitting Maine, Canada, Chicago, Washington, and points between (this itinerary may be inaccurate), visiting many fans and making themselves agreeable. Tucker relates how they had been unable to contact him when they came to Bloomington, but he knew they were due, and when he saw three guys in the street who had New York sticking out all over them, he walked up and said, "Hiya, Brooklyn." Wilson, the person addressed, bugeyed, "That's Brooklyn" --"that" being Michel -- and when Tucker said, "That makes you Richmond Hill, then doesn't it?"; Dick bugeyed again and said "Gawp, you must be Tucker!"

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