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The Fortean Society was started in the United States in 1931 during a meeting held in the New York flat of Charles Hoy Fort in order to promote the ideas of American writer Charles Fort. It was primarily based in New York City. Its first president was Theodore Dreiser, an old friend of Charles Fort, who had helped to get his work published.

Founding members of The Fortean Society included Booth Tarkington, Ben Hecht, Alexander Woollcott, and Baltimore writer H. L. Mencken.

The first 6 issues of the Fortean Society's newsletter Doubt were each edited by a different member, starting with Theodore Dreiser. Tiffany Thayer thereafter took over editorship of subsequent issues.

In 1959 the society went on hiatus and the magazine came to an end.

The Society was revived as the International Fortean Organization (INFO) in 1961.

A short-lived fannish version was the Frontier Society.

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