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The top command structure for Chicon 7 in 2012, comprised of chairman Dave McCarty and vice chairs Bobbi Armbruster, Helen Montgomery, and Steven H Silver.

When Armbruster was invited to join as a vice-chair, she commented that she had already been a vice chair, but always wanted to be a flying monkey. When Chicon's IT department set up a private e-mail bounce for the team, he misspelled the title as flyingmonkees@... Silver immediately proclaimed himself "Peter Tork" after the actor from the 1960s comedy television show The Monkees. Armbruster claimed the identity of "Micky Dolenz," McCarty took "Davy Jones" (who died shortly before the con), and Montgomery took "Mike Nesmith."

In addition to each of their regular badges, each had a secondary badge with their "Monkee" name on it.

Following in the spirit, the Finance office at Chicon 7 proclaimed themselves "The Miserly Monkees" and the Facilities department kept a life-size cut out of a Flying Monkey from The Wizard of Oz outside their office space.

Michael Longcor's song "If I Could Be a Flying Monkey" was played at closing ceremonies.

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