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Not one of categories: publication, person, club, award, venue, locale, convention, publisher, publishing, conrunning, fanspeak, fanhistory, group, bid,bidding,admin, misc, convention,none, choice, redirect, wikidot, store, fiction, website, fancast,show, media,multiple Admin:mined - Big Brother - Comics, Cinema, and Collecting - ICON Science Fiction Inc. - Lansing, MI - Norb's Notes - Special award - Timeline

Category publication and none of fanzine, fanthology, apazine, clubzine, newszine, APA, prozine, semiprozine, book, bibliography, fanhistory Castle of Terrors - Fan Tarot Deck - Science-Fiction Tests - The Reference Library

Category publishing and convention or publishing

Category person but not fan, pro or mundane

Category artist but not fan, pro or mundane

Category convention and not (conseries, inseries, onetimecon)

Category (convention¦venue¦store¦club) and not (US|UK|Europe|Canada|Asia|Australia|Ireland|NZ|ROW|World) Castle Gormenghast - Onesie Conventions - Slan shack - Smofs List - Wegenheim - Worldcon 79

Category convention and bid

Category convention and club

Category fanzine and club ESSFSCCNY - Fans Across the World - Fanvets - New Fandom - Operation Fantast

Category worldcon, westercon but not convention, bid or bidding, conrunning or fanhistory