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Not one of categories: publication, person, club, award, venue, locale, convention, publisher, publishing, conrunning, fanspeak, fanhistory, group, bid,bidding,admin, misc, convention,none, choice, redirect, wikidot, store, fiction, website, fancast,show, media,multiple Fan lounges

Category publication and none of fanzine, fanthology, apazine, clubzine, newszine, APA, newsletter, prozine, semiprozine, book, bibliography, fanhistory Active Fanzines 2019 - Aussiecon Memory Book - Fan - Fan Tarot Deck - Science-Fiction Tests - Secrets of the Smofs - The Reference Library

Category publishing and convention or publishing

Category person but not fan, pro or mundane Billy Tackett - Bob Walters - Brent Weeks

Category artist but not fan, pro or mundane Billy Tackett - Bob Walters

Category convention and not (conseries, inseries, onetimecon)

Category (convention¦venue¦store¦club) and not (US|UK|Europe|Canada|Asia|Australia|Ireland|NZ|ROW) Castle Gormenghast - Smofs List - WSFS, Inc. - Wegenheim - Worldcon 79

Category convention and bid

Category convention and club

Category fanzine and club ESSFSCCNY - Fans Across the World - Fanvets - New Fandom - Operation Fantast

Category worldcon, westercon but not convention, bid or bidding, conrunning or fanhistory