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(1888 -- 1940)

Farnsworth Wright was the editor of Weird Tales during the magazine's heyday. In his very early days in San Francisco he was active in amateur journalism and published The Laurel for NAPA and UAPA until his handpress was destroyed int he great earthquake. Had he continued, it is possible that The Laurel might now be remembered as the first fanzine.

Wright, a veteran of World War I, was working as a music critic for the Chicago Herald and Examiner when he began his association with Weird Tales, founded in 1923. At first serving as chief manuscript reader, he replaced founding editor Edwin Baird in 1924. As editor of Weird Tales he became a villain for Lovecraft fandom because he rejected so much of Lovecraft's fiction.

Wright anonymously edited an anthology of Weird Tales stories, The Moon Terror (1927), as a bonus for subscribers. He also edited a short-lived companion magazine, Oriental Stories (later renamed Magic Carpet Magazine), which lasted from 1930 to 1934.

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