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A fanthology of the best fan writing of 1986 edited by Mike Glyer and published by Dennis Virzi with production by Pat Mueller in 1987.


Title Credit Source
Illustration Teddy Harvia
Illustration Taral
Illustration Schirm
Favorite 1986 Fanzines Mike Glyer
"Thank You Girls" Christopher Priest Chuch by Rob Hansen and Avedon Carol
"Letter from London" Avedon Carol Xenium #14 by Mike Glicksohn
Illustration Brad Foster
"Notes from the Outside -- A Berry Odyssey" Eric Mayer Holier Than Thou #23 by Marty Cantor
Illustration Brad Foster
'"I'm Over __Heeeeere__, Gerhardt!"' Jeanne Gomoll Whimsey #5 by Jeanne Gomoll
Cartoon Jeanne Gomoll
Illustration Kip Williams
"Close Cap Tightly to Retard Thickening" Patrick Nielsen Hayden Flash Point #8 by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
"Real Fen Don't Eat Greeps" Elst Weinstein Weinstein's and Glyer's Discount Hoxarama!
Illustration Brad Foster
"Hell, 12 Feet" Teresa Nielsen Hayden Prevert #14 by John Jarrold
Illustration Steve Stiles
"Fizz! Buzz!" Dave Langford Platen Stories and Trapdoor #6 by Robert Lichtman
"Win a Day with Mikgail Gorbachev!" Tim Jones Timbre #3 by Tim Jones
"The Ballad of Gained S'mell" Skel Holier Than Thou #24 by Marty Cantor
"I was a Teenage Cyberpunk for the FBI and Found Goo" Arthur D. Hlavaty The Dillinger Relic #46 by Arthur D. Hlavaty
Illustration Brad Foster
"We Remember... The Missing Man" Greg Bennett Westwind February 1986
Illustration Jim Thompson
Illustration Teddy Harvia

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