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A fanzine published by Stygian Isle Press in Lamoni, IA and also by Morning Star Press and edited by Jonathan Bacon of Shawnee, KS, and publishing mainly heroic fantasy fan fiction. Includes the first appearance of most of "Ghor Kin-slayer" by Robert E. Howard and others, with 12 chapters serialized over 1977-79.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 November 1974
2 February 1975 Print run of 450. Several pieces by Robert E. Howard, including the first appearance of one of his poems titled "Heritage", and "Drums of the Sunset.
3 May 1975 Cover art by Sam de la Rosa. Fiction by Harlan Ellison, artwork by Clark Ashton Smith, and several writings by Robert E. Howard.
4/5 August 1975
6 November 1975
7 February 1976 40
8 May 1976 Richard Corben cover. Contains a letter from Lovecraft to Clark Ashton Smith and stories by Robert E. Howard. Press run of 1,000.
9 August 1976 Richard Corben cover. Story by Robert E. Howard, "Red Nail" portfolio by Gene Day. Press run of 1,200.
10/11 March 1977
12 November 1977 46 Art by Michael Moorcock.
13 June 1978 44 pp?
14 September 1978 44 Cover by Hannes Bok
15 January 1979 44

Special edition #1 was published in January, 1976.

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