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Fantasiae was the monthly newsletter of The Fantasy Association based in Los Angeles. The first issue was dated April 1973. The Bruce Pelz collection at University of California Riverside includes issues through issue 91. Issues were photo-reproduced, black on white paper, and stapled in the upper left corner. Most issues included an article by a fantasy writer, an editorial, reviews, and lists of books. The first editor was Ian R. Slater, who edited at least through issue 67. Frequently, the final issue of the year was a double issue: this was definitely true for 1975 and 1977, and appears to be true for 1979 and 1980.

Articles in the first volume include Lloyd Alexander on "High Fantasy" (issue 1), Poul Anderson on "What is Fantasy?" (issue 2), Donald A. Wollheim on "Pure Fantasy" (issue 3), Peter S. Beagle on "Gramarye" (issue 4), Katherine Kurtz (issue 5, not examined), Marion Zimmer Bradley on "King Arthur, Pulp Fiction, and the Ethics of Mythopoesie" (issue 7) and David Gerrold on "Fantasy and Science Fiction" (issue 9). Issues 6 and 8 had poetry on the front cover -- 6 was a eulogy for J. R. R. Tolkien, and 8 was a poem by Thomas Love Peacock (probably "The War Song of Dinas Vawr", but this issue is not included in the collection examined). Later issues have far fewer articles by professional SF/F writers: Bradley remained a fairly steady contributor. Regular reviewers included Donald Keller, Ian Slater and Paula Kate Marmor. Artists included Tim Kirk, George Barr, Bjo Trimble and reprints of Victorians like Aubrey Beardsley; the logo, designed by Alicia Austin, appears on all issues after volume 1 #6 (September 1973), though it shrinks gradually in size (at least through volume 6 #10, whole #67, which is the last in the collection examined for the first version of this article). The Riverside holdings start with issue 46, apparently, and go through issue 91, and would yield more information on the later issues.

Issue Date Pages Notes
V1.1 April 1973
V1.4 July 1973
V1.6 September 1973
V1.7 October 1973
V1.9 December 1973
V2.5 May 1974
V2.6 June 1977
V3.2 February 1975
V5.6 May 1977
V6.10 #67
65 August 1978 12

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