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Fanac (Holmberg)
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John-Henri Holmberg published the Swedish newszine Fanac beginning in 1963. In late 1976 it was taken over by the Scandinavian SF Society. It was modeled and named (with permission) after Carr's and Ellik's Fanac. This was near the end of the run of SF-Times which helped to maintain source of news for Swedish fans throughout the decade. Holmberg used the pseudonym Carl Brandon, Jr. in early issues, after the hoax fan invented by Fanac co-editor Terry Carr (and others) in the mid 50s. As Holmberg later remembered, "I wasn't particularly inspired by Willis or Irish Fandom, but instead was totally fascinated by the fannish Berkeley and later New York group, including Terry Carr, Ted White, Ron Ellik, Dave Rike, Boob Stewart, and Carl Brandon, Sr."

Holmberg's Fanac lasted until 1982, a total of 117 issues. He re-launched it in mid-1990s, but it went dormant after only two issues

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