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The Fan Portrait Gallery was created by Bruce Pelz in 1997 (and supported by SCIFI) and first exhibited at Loscon xxiv that year. It has subsequently been shown at most Worldcons. The purpose was to bring a growing and fragmenting fandom familiar with key members of fandom.

Initially, the fans included were people who had been a Worldcon Fan GoH, won a Best Fanzine Hugo, Best Fan Artist Hugo or a Best Fan Writer Hugo, chaired a Worldcon or won one of the major Fan Funds (TAFF, DUFF, and GUFF.) The exhibit focused on active, living fans, though once photos were in the collection they were not removed on death. The collection was later expanded to include a much wider selection of people and there is no longer an objective set of criteria for inclusion.

The initial photos were taken by Stan Burns, David Dyer-Bennet, Mark Olson, and Bruce Pelz, and photos were subsequently contributed by Eve Ackerman, Robbie Bourget, Esther Cole, Marjii Ellers, John D. Rickett, Dave Rike, Joyce Scrivner and several others.

Pelz was curator of the collection until 2001 when it was taken over by Chaz Boston Baden and Christian McGuire.

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