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A proposed but never held convention originally called Faircon, which changed its name to Silvercon, and was scheduled to be held in over the 4th of July weekend, 1964 in New York City to celebrate the 25th (silver) anniversary of Nycon I, the first Worldcon. (The occasion was doubly auspicious since in 1964, as in 1939, New York was hosting a World's Fair.) The Silvercon Newsletter was the convention's advance publication, though it may have been sent only to the committee.

In late 1962, the committee included:

The December 1962 issue of Science Fiction Times includes a statement by Taurasi that he was resigning from the committee because it had voted to pay itself out of the expected profits. (Apparently Raybin, a lawyer, charged the Silvercon committee for legal services while incorporating Silvercon, and the rest of the committee decided they should be paid, also.)

Science Fiction Times #412, February 1964 reported that the organizers had given up due to too little local support.

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