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Eva C. Whitley is a SF club fan and conrunning fan who first found fandom in 1977. She is the widow of fan and writer Jack L. Chalker (she notes that she is "Possibly the only person in fandom to meet spouse by making him GoH (Jack L. Chalker, GoH, Paracon 1978)."). She is a long-time member of WSFA and BSFS and chaired Disclave 26 and Disclave 34, and has worked on a wide variety of regionals and Worldcons.

She was formerly a member of the PSSFS, she published Conventional Fanzine (two issues in 1979) and has been a member of APA-69 and Golden APA. She was a member of the Johnstown in 1983 hoax Worldcon bid.

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Also involved: - Chattacon VI - Jack Chalker - Paracon I

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