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Eric Coleman is an Iowa area filker and fan married to fellow filker and fan, Lizzie Crowe. He has been involved in numerous conventions over the years and is probably best known now for his band Cheshire Moon.

He was the gaming chair at Windycon for many years and ran Radio Capricon, a one watt and later internet radio station, at Capricon for 9 years. He was the music head at DemiCon for 5 years. He started FilkCast in November 2018. A podcast featuring Filk Music.

Eric was a solo performer for over a decade, and is an auxiliary member of The FuMP.

He released four solo CDs.

  • Fear And Self Loathing In Central Iowa - 2001
  • Some See The Glass Half Empty - 2003
  • Eric Comes Alive - 2006
  • I Had To Suffer For My Art, Now It's Your Turn - 2007

He was a founding member of hard rock filk band Toyboat but had to give up drums due to problems with his hands. He has been nominated for four Pegasus Awards, twice with his former band Toyboat, and twice with his band Cheshire Moon. He currently plays a lot of different instruments with strings with his wife, Lizzie Crowe, in Cheshire Moon

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