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Electrical Eggs is a British disability advice organisation. As their website says:

UK is a fan-run, non-profit making organisation, established in 1995, with permission from Electrical Eggs Ltd in the United States (now non-operational). The original aim was to help SF event organisers to run an accessible convention in compliance with new legislation(the Disability Discrimination Act, now known as the Equalities Act) for anyone affected by physical disabilities, either permanent or temporary disabilities.

This includes people affected by illness, injury, surgery or age and special consideration for fans with mental health issues or learning disabilities.

We have not operated directly at conventions since 2005. We believe that event organisers should now be quite familiar with their legal obligations and have a sound working knowledge of reasonable adjustments to make their event accessible for everyone!

We now operate as an Advice & Advocacy service, particularly for fans who feel they have been treated unfairly at a convention. Advice on access rights & service provision are always available to event organisers: there are no fees or charges.

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