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(1) A Fannish Practice

It is very fannish to skim through a fanzine or an APA mailing, looking for one's own name (or that of one's own zine).

The first quick look through the pages of any newly received fanzine in which the recipient naturally skips insignificant matters – e.g., announcements regarding the imminent death of science fiction as we know it, the decision to stop holding Worldcons and giving out Hugos, the dissolution of old and/or venerable fannish institutions, etc. – in search of something truly important, i.e., if and where the fanzine contains any mention of their name. Trufen have a slight edge in such matters since they have the power to tell if a fanzine mentions them merely by holding their hand over the front cover, but they still have to track down the page(s) with the actual mention(s) just like any fan of lesser abilities.

(2) A Fanzine by Ted White

A fanzine published by Ted White.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 November 11, 1983 8
2 December 9, 1983 8
3 January 14, 1984 10
4 March 10, 1984 8
5 April 14, 1984 8
6 May 11, 1984 8
7 July 25, 1984 8
8 August 17, 1984 8
9 August 17, 1984 8
10 January 28, 1985 14
11 May 27, 1985 6 Final issue

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