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(1948 -- April 27, 2002)

George Alec Effinger was a pro writer and part of the Clarion class of 1970. His first novel, What Entropy Means to Me (1972) was nominated for the Nebula Award. He achieved his greatest success, perhaps, with the trilogy of Marid Audran novels set in a 21st century Middle East, with cybernetic implants and modules allowing individuals to change their personalities or bodies. Other stories were the series of Maureen (Muffy) Birnbaum parodies which placed a preppy girl into a variety of science fictional, fantasy, and horror scenarios. He occasionally used the pseudonym of O. Niemand and was married, for a few years, to fellow writer Barbara Hambly. He was a member of the Guilford Gafia.

Posthumously published in 2003 was Budayeen Nights, a collection of short stories and unfinished pieces.

Awards, Honors and GoHships: He came in second place in the 1973 Campbell Award (which was the first year of the award). He was nominated for the 1972 Best Short Story Hugo, 1974 Best Novelette Hugo, 1985 Best Short Story Hugo, 1988 Best Novel Hugo, 1990 Best Novel Hugo, 1990 Best Novelette Hugo, and 1990 Best Novella Hugo.

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