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(18 January 1934 -- 15 October 1999)

A British fan who started as a fan artist and became a pro artist. He was active from 1958 to 1989. He was married to fellow fan Marsha Jones. His hobby was collecting antique guns and weapons and studying the American Old West.

He contributed to numerous fanzines, including Bastion, Ratatosk, Xero, Granfaloon. He was art director for MaD Productions.

He was Fan GoH at the 1969 Worldcon, St. Louiscon.

He was a member (and former chairman) of the Liverpool Group, and was created a Knight of St. Fantony at Eastercon in 1957. He lost the 1962 TAFF race to Ethel Lindsay but won in 1969, beating Bob Shaw..

Professionally, he illustrated sf book and magazine covers and interiors. He used the the pseudonym S. Fantoni. In 1969, he became the art director for Vision of Tomorrow, a short-lived British prozine.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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