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From the APA's description: "e-APA is an Amateur Press Association primarily for science fiction fans, and is an attempt to bridge the format and style of traditional paper-based APAs with newer digital publishing formats. Each apazine is in Adobe .pdf format.

"Distributions are made once each calendar month. Deadline for submitting a fanzine is the first day of the distribution month. The OE compiles the distribution and makes it available as soon as practical (generally on the 2nd), and notifies members by e-mail when the distribution is ready for downloading."

Distribution began in May 2004 with five member apazines. As of distribution 100, Garth Spencer is the only original member still publishing in the apa.

Publication Website(IA) Search: Fanac, Fan, Pro, SFE, Wikipedia, Reasonator 2004

Also involved: - Dave Locke - Steven H Silver

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