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An SF bookstore founded by Greg Ketter on April 1, 1977 in Minneapolis. For a time there were two, one at 912 W. Lake St, and one (Dreamhaven Too) in Dinkytown at 1309 4th St. SW. Employees included Elizabeth LaVelle. {There were two in 1999.}

DreamHaven is currently at located 2301 38th St E. DreamHaven has always done a substantial mail-order business, and shut down its walk-in bookstore in 2013. The retail store re-opened in April 2015 after Alice Bentley (formerly of The Stars My Destination) joined Ketter.

Associated with the store is DreamHaven Press.

in 2017, DreamHaven published the Dreamhaven Fortieth Anniversary Scrapbook a heavily illustrated history of the store.

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