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(1934 –)

Doreen Webbert got into fandom through SAPS, which she joined in 1959, and attended her first con at Boycon, the 1960 Westercon in Bosie, Idaho.

Doreen and her husband, Jim Webbert were OE of SAPS for six years, and members for over 15 years. She has done programing for both LepreCon and CopperCon many times, as well as for NASFiC and Westercon. She co-chaired the Phoenix in '93 Worldcon bid, and also co-chaied the World Horror Convention in 1994, and 1998 and was vice-chair in 2004, and has done various other convention related work. She was "Official Thing" of the Phoenix club, OMNI. Doreen and Jim were both on the committee for Seacon, the 1961 Worldcon.

She was the Assistant Supervisor for the Mineral and Jewelry Dept. for the Arizona State Fair, and works as a volunteer at the Mineral Museum one day a week. She has many hobbies, including jewelry making & design, knitting, crocheting, and sometimes painting.

She published SAPSzine, Por Que, in 1960.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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