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From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
The most famous ones in fandom were wrecked by John Van Couvering and Jim Harmon. VanC walked thru the glass door of the Downey (Cal.) public library one day in 1950, winning fannish notoriety and a mention in the local paper. Jim Harmon was waterbagged by Harlan Ellison at the Midwestcon in 1954, swarmed up to Ellison's room demanding entrance, and, when Ellison rolled a firecracker under the door, slammed his fist thru the panel in the best Col. Renwick tradition. The hotel manager threatened arrest, but a collection from the pros was made to pay for it. ($35).

On the Harmon/Ellison waterbagging, see Midwestcon Incident for another (less interesting, alas!) version of the story and Ellison Water Bombing Incident for more discussion.

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