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(1946 --)

Donald Eugene D'Ammassa was born in Providence, Rhode Island. He is a prolific fan, SF and fantasy author and critic. He is a member of RISFA and OE of APA 45..

He was nominated for the Best Fan Writer Hugo in 1976-78, 1986. He also received a nomination for the 1977 Best Fanzine Hugo and the 1985 Best Fanzine Hugo for his well-regarded fanzine, Mythologies.

His enormous collection fills a 4-car garage as well as his house, and he has read nearly all of it -- in fact, he believes he may be the last person who had read all of SF in English -- it is certainly too late for anyone born after him. His Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2005), Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Horror Fiction (2006), and Encyclopedia of Adventure Fiction (2009) are especially noteworthy.

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