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(October 15, 1938 --)

Donald Paul (Don) Simpson is an active fan artist, not to be confused with the comics artist Don Simpson. He became active in Los Angeles fandom in the 1960s, lived in The Booby Hatch, and married author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro in the 1970s. They later separated and divorced. He was one of the players of Coventry.

Simpson works both in two dimensions and in three; he is well known for using model kits to produce outrageous chimeras, including a Barsoomian warship and a Visible Centaur (made by mixing a Visible Man and a Visible Horse model). Simpson's work is compared to that of da Vinci in some of Larry Niven's short stories. Simpson also shows up in several of David McDaniel's Man from UNCLE novels as "Mr. Simpson of R&D;" he was also the inspiration for the villain in McDaniel's first UNCLE novel "The Dagger Affair." His first self-published portfolio was produced in 1969. Simpson is the proud possessor of a purchase order from the Smithsonian Institution for "One (1) alien artifact," which he designed for the Air and Space Museum. He currently lives in Albany CA.

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