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Discon II Reminiscence (Sheridan)
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A brief addendum to Dave Kyle's Discon II Reminiscence. Harlan Ellison provided commentary on his presentation of A Boy and His Dog, not because of his loquaciousness, but because of an equipment shortage: Each reel of film had to be rewound before the next reel could be shown, so Harlan entertained us to a background of loudly spinning film. One comment I remember is that the producers wanted to change the title, so that it didn’t “sound like a Disney flick.”

I believe the Con made a fuss about being the first to require identification to pick up one’s badge, because of previous fraud. They slightly backtracked in deference to an anti-government backlash: Government-issued identification would not be required, with received envelopes presented as an alternative. (It is possible I am confusing this with MidAmeriCon.)

I attended with Jim Huang, driven from New Jersey by my mother, along with my sister and a friend. Our best photographs were in our cameras, which were stolen from our hotel room. (I may have scans of others, which I hope to post eventually.)

Bill Evans attended; he autographed the Skylark section of my copy of The Universes of E. E. Smith.

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