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The 1981 Worldcon and second in Denver, Denvention Two was held September 3-7 at the Denver Hilton Hotel and Currigan Convention Center Exhibition Hall and Arena in Denver, CO. GoHs: Clifford D. Simak and C. L. Moore. FGoH: Rusty Hevelin. Ed Bryant was Toastmaster. Chaired by Suzanne Carnival and Don C. Thompson.

R*cky M*untain *yster was the committee's internal newsletter.

1981 Hugos, 1983 Worldcon Site Selection.

Bidders: Denver in '81, Seattle in 1981, and LA in '81 (with Hawaii in 1981 and Tillamook in 1981 hoax bids). See 1981 Worldcon Site Selection.

Lloyd Arthur Eshbach's Denvention Two Reminiscence

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