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DeepSouthCon 22 was held June 21-24, 1984 in Chattanooga, TN. (Reprehensibly, it was also called the Chattanooga Two Two.) Author GoH was Joan D. Vinge, FGoH was Jerry Page, and Toastmaster was Karl Edward Wagner. Other guests included Somtow Sucharitkul, Tim R. Sullivan, Michael Bishop, Theodore Sturgeon, Alan Ryan, Charles L. Grant, and Allen Wold. Attendance was 742. Chair was Irvin Koch.

Guy H. Lillian III won the Rebal Award and David Drake won the Phoenix Award. The Southpaw Award went to Brad Foster (best Artist) and to Don Markstein (two: Best APA Writer and Best APA Administrator) and to Charlie Williams for Best Humorist.

Huntsville beat Atlanta for the 1985 DSC winning 155-120 (Melbourne (Australia) got 10.) The Atlanta bid was the second loss in a row by the Atlanta in '86 Worldcon bid committee bidding on "Build a Better Worldcon". The loss may have bee driven by their proposed October date.

Photos (IA)

For a con report by Guy Lillian, see File 770 #48 p17 .

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