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DD-B is a Minneapolis-area conrunning fan who has worked on many regionals (including especially Minicon and 4th Street Fantasy) and Worldcons. He was part of the Exec for Minicon 23 and of the group which reorganized Minicon for Minicon 34.

His particular specialty is photography. He is a member of Minn-StF (and has served on its Board of Directors). He was part of the KMAC team at MidAmeriCon. He was a member of Minneapa. He is married to fan and pro Pamela Dean and was the first owner of Finagle's Freehold and lived in the Courts of Chaos.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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Also involved: - Bozo Bus Building - Fourth Street Fantasy 1991 - Minicon 27 - Remembering Jim Young

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