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Daniel J. Steffan is an American cartoonist and writer who has contributed to both mainstream and underground publications for several decades. He has won several genre awards for his art. He help run Corflu 3 and chaired Corflu XXX

Receiving the most votes in the 1995 TransAtlantic Fan Fund competition, Steffan won a trip to the UK, and he wrote detailed humorous reports of his travels. Scans of his campaignbadges are available here.

Fanzines and Apazines:

He co-founded the SF magazine SF Eye in 1986.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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Also involved with: 1978 FAAn Awards - 1995 FAAn Awards - Enchanted Duplicator - Energumen - Fanthology 1984 - Fanthology 1994 - Fugghead - Granfalloon - Innuendo - Mainstream - Past President of the Fan Writers of America - Richard Thompson - Science-Fiction Five-Yearly - Spanish Inquisition - The Portable Carl Brandon - The Reaffirmation - Tomorrow And... - Trap Door
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