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Named after a place in Zelazny's Amber series, the Courts of Chaos was a fannish household in Blaine, MN starting around 1983. It was the site of "legendary parties" of Minneapolis fandom. It was owned by Steven Brust, Reen Brust, and Martin Schafer. David Dyer-Bennet and Pamela Dyer-Bennet lived in a mobile home on the property when they first moved back to Minnesota from Massachusetts.

The Courts of Chaos name moved with the owners to a house in South Minneapolis in the 1990s. When Steven moved back to Minnesota after several years in Las Vegas and Texas, he moved back into the Courts. Reen Brust lived there until her death in 2010. Martin Schafer and Eileen Lufkin have lived there since the move from Blaine, and a variety of fannish renters have resided in the basement apartment. The Courts of Chaos is still a Minneapolis fannish landmark.

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