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For the Eastercon, see Concourse.

The Concourse (also known as the "mixing area") was created by Noreascon Three to turn Hall C of the Hynes Auditorium into a 30,000 sq ft fan lounge. This served the multiple purpose of providing a comfortable place for fans to connect with each other, providing a location for the very extensive exhibits at Noreascon Three, and, in the aftermath of the Boskone from Hell, reassuring the management of the Sheraton-Boston Hotel that the hotel would not be unduly crowded. It was open from before 9 am to 2 am each day.

The inspirations for the Concourse was the Discave created by Evan Phillips and the Fan Lounge at Conspiracy '87, both of which did an extraordinary job (though on a much smaller scale) of providing a place fans actually wanted to be. It was developed by Leslie Turek based on an idea by Mark Olson. Peggy Rae Pavlat helped develop the exhibits.

It included many exhibits, some of which were continued after Noreascon 3:

The Concourse was so successful as to make a major combined exhibit/fan area of some sort a required part of subsequent Worldcons.

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