Committee on Permanent Organization and Incorporation of WSFS

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A committee created at the direction of the WSFS Business Meeting at Noreascon Two in 1980. The committee was directed to "reconsider Article VII through the end of the proposed WSFS Constitution, whose first six articles were accepted at Noreascon II."

Members were Craig MIller (chair), Genny Dazzo, Don Eastlake, George Flynn, Larry Smith, Mike Walsh (for Baltimore in '83), Carey Handfield, Stu Hellinger, Bob Hillis, Bruce Miller (for Denvention 2), Larry Propp (for Chicon IV), Dalroy Ward, Ben Yalow and a representative from Scandinavia in '83.

It failed to present a report at Denvention 2 the 1981 Worldcon. It appears that this committee was allowed to lapse and a new committee chaired by Dalroy Ward was created to look over the current drafts and report back at Chicon IV in 1982. It failed to report again at Chicon and was dismissed.

This seems to have been the last attempt to rewrite the WSFS Constitution from scratch.

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