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Fancyclopedia 2; Joe Siclari

A fan who regularly writes articles for a fanzine is called a columnist, and the articles are called a column. This is a high-falutin' phrase based on practices found in prozines of many persuasions. A columnist can talk about anything he or she wants to, though the editor may censor him or her. A columnist's duty is to comment on things in general in an entertaining (and, optionally, informative) way. Sometimes called calumnists, such fan writers often attract notice by the Menckenesque vigor of their denunciations. A good many fans who are now known as BNFs arrived at that status because of their well-written columns in fanzines.

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
When a guy is a columnist he can talk about anything he wants to, tho the editor may censor him. Usually a secondary duty is to give any news items or information that haven't been published elsewhere, the primary duty being to comment on things in general. Every so often a calumnist will attract notice by the Menckenian vigor of his denunciations.

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