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A British fan, fanzine editor and con-runner who first found fandom in 1986. She is the partner of Mark Plummer. She's been on numerous convention committees, was the awards administrator for the BSFA and has been a committee member for BSFA and the UK League of Fan Funds.

Her fanzines include Banana Wings, BW, Famous for Fifteen Minutes, Parakeet, Quoz, Bumper Snufkin (all with Mark Plummer) and Waxen Wings, No Sin But Ignorance. Also with Mark Plummer she published Can't Get Off the Island a one-shot collection of Greg Pickersgill's fan writing, Slow Train to Immortality a 2010 fanthology, and Easter Wine a 2003 Fanthology.

She is a member of ANZAPA and has been president of it. She has been a judge for the Rotsler Award and the Arthur C. Clarke Award.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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Also involved with: 1998 FAAn Awards - 1999 FAAn Awards - 2000 FAAn Awards - 2003 FAAn Awards - 2004 FAAn Awards - 2005 FAAn Awards - 2009 FAAn Awards - 2019 FAAn Awards - A Corflu 36 Fanthology - Askance - Banana Skins - ConRunner 4 - FAAn Awards - The Constantinople International Fannish Cookbook
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