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The Cincinnati Fantasy Group, of Ohio, an influential fan club.

Founded by Charles R. Tanner, Ross Rocklynne and Dale Tarr in December 1935, the CFG is the third-oldest continuously running sf club. Don Ford, Roy Lavender, Lou Tabakow and Stan Skirvin were notable early members. Bill Cavin has been the CFG Dictator since 1981, following Tabakow.

The CFG put on the Cinvention in 1949, and sponsors the annual Midwestcon, one of the longest-running cons extant, and the first relaxacon. For many years, it also sponsored the now-defunct Octocon. The club is also the source of the ubiquitous fan-party seating practice, the CFG Rules. Dale Tarr wrote a history of it, CFG History, in 1957.

The group is informal and meets casually in members' homes every two weeks, but it does have occasional business meetings and votes. To become a member, one must attend several meetings and be voted in unanimously by the voting members in attendance at the meeting where the vote occurs. To retain voting membership, members must attend at least one regular meeting each year. This rule was put into effect in an exclusion act disenfranchising nonlocal members in 2013, following a controversial vote on the future of Midwestcon.

Other CFG events include an annual picnic and a series of New Year's parties. Typically, the CFG hosts a weekend-long party at Worldcons and NASFiCs.

The CFG's website has an interesting article on the founding of CFG which provides several (somewhat conflicting) stories.

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
The Cincinnati Fantasy Group, of Ohio; Don Ford, Roy Lavender, Lou Tabakow, and Stan Skirvin are notable members. They put on the Cinvention in 1949, and are sponsors of the annual Midwestcon.

from Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement ca. 1960: The Cincinnati Fantasy Group does not sponsor the Midwestcons; the individual members do.

Correction: This is no longer true. CFG is now the actual sponsor of Midwestcon.

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