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Chris Garcia at Chicon 7; Photo by Mark Olson

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A fan, editor of The Drink Tank, Journey Planet, SF in SF, Claims Department, PrintZine, The Pork Authority and more. Won a Hugo Award at Renovation with co-editor James Bacon for The Drink Tank (nominated 2010-2013). He was nominated for the Best Fan Writer Hugo in 2010-2013. His acceptance speech for the Hugo in 2011 was itself nominated for the 2012 Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form Hugo (see Garcia Moment).

Also co-edited Journey Planet which won the 2010 Nova Award for best fanzine. He edited Tightbeam in 2005-06 and edited The National Fantasy Fan in 2005-06 and was president of the N3F in 2006.

He won TAFF in 2008, traveled to Orbital 2008, and published the trip report Rockets Across the Waters.

In addition to his prodigious fanzine output (and more prodigious beard), Garcia is known for running fan lounges at various conventions.

He has been a contributor to Some Fantastic. Video interview by Graham Charnock at Orbital 2008 (IA)

Christopher lives with his wife Vanessa Applegate and their twin sons in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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