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(May 25, 1902 -- November 16, 1974)

Carl W. Swanson of Washburn and Velva, ND, was one of the earliest fans, his interest in SF dating to 1910. In the early 30s he corresponded with many other fans, including Charles Hornig, who he introduced to fanzines triggering Hornig to start The Fantasy Fan.

He hoped to publish SF, and he contacted a number of writers with a proposal to issue a magazine of weird-science fiction to be called Galaxy. He wanted new fiction if he could acquire it, but would also take the option of reprinting stories. He was unable to raise the necessary finances, however, and by May 1932 had dropped the idea. About that time he has started corresponding Jerome Siegel and the the two decided to publish some small booklets. Swanson's first was Edmond Hamilton's The Metal Giants, which had was to have been in Galaxy. It was published in poor mimeography.

Around this time he set up the Swanson Book Co. which advertised in fanzines. It was probably a very small mail-order operation.

He was to some extent still active in the 40s.

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