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For some more information on Canberra fandom to 2002, see the ACT SF Information Group's Fan History page (IA).

A Brief Chronology

Date Event
1953, Nov 8 Futurian Society of Canberra formed
1956, Easter Canberra Science Fiction Conference
1971, June Canberra Science Fiction Society officially formed
1979, Dec Nikki White's Multiverse fanzine first published
1981, Oct 3-4 First Circulation convention
1987, Apr 24-27 Capcon (Canberra's first Australian Natcon)
1988 Esoteric Order of Dagon apa started
1989, Mar 17-20 Conspire convention (Media Natcon)
1989 Gaslight Books opened
1991, Mar Australian National University Science Fiction Club formed
1994, Apr 23-25 Interact convention
1999 Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild formed
2001, May 5-6 Canberra Science Fiction Convention
2002, May 24-26 CSF Con 2002
2004, Apr 23-26 First Conflux convention (Natcon)
2013, Apr 25-28 Conflux 9 (Natcon)
2014 FableCroft Publishing relocated from interstate
2014, Aug Gaslight Books closed doors (continuing online)
2016, Oct FableCroft Publishing in hiatus

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