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C. Kay Hinchliffe, aka Cicatrice du Veritas, is a Milwaukee fan, originally from Iowa. She served as co-chairman of ICON 4, was a member of the Chicago Area Tunnel Society, and is one of the two people who has done an apazine for every issue of MilwApa since its 1984 founding. (Her apazine is ScarT.)

She was an active member of Beauty and the Beast fandom in its heyday, publishing three B&tB songbooks in the Gonna Howl Tonight series. She has published poetry, short fiction and fanfiction.

She is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and has been married to Orange Mike since their wedding at X-Con 5 in 1981. She gave birth to their fanspring, Kelly J. A. Lowrey, on August 23, 1995.

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Also involved: - Michael "Orange Mike" Lowrey

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