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Boskone III was an early convention held February 28, 1943 at the Ritz Plaza Hotel in Boston, MA. Sponsored by the Stranger Club and chaired by Suddsy Schwartz. Attendance was about 9 (though another report said 14), only a few of which were from out of town -- but one of them was Claude Degler!

Locals: Suddsy Schwartz, Jules Lazar, Tom Slate, Chan Davis, Art Widner. (R. D. Swisher couldn't make it and the Navy took Harry Stubbs just two days before the con.)

"Outlanders": Julius Under, Bill Ryder, Jack Speer, Claude Degler.

Sudsy Schwartz called the meeting to order, and the group did its usual discussion of the NFFF. They played Art Widner's new game of "Interplanetary" and Jules Lazar won a Finlay original.

See Widner's con report in YHOS #6 p12.

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