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With a convention in the snowiest time of a New England winter, Boskone committees traditionally fret over the possibility of a major blizzard closing Boskone down. While there have been some close calls, none has -- so far -- succeeded.

Boskone Date Blizzard
Boskone 15 February 6-7, 1978 This was one of the worst blizzards in Boston history, closing the whole eastern part of the state for most of a week. Luckily for Boskone, restrictions were lifted before the convention began.
Boskone 33 February 16 and 18, 1996 Heavy snowfalls on both Friday and Sunday
Boskone 37 February 18, 2000 8" of snow on Friday
Boskone 40 February 16-17, 2003 There was 27" of snow starting late Sunday and continuing all Monday. Around fifty out-of-town members were stranded at the hotel and held their own convention, Snokone.

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