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Boskone 5 was held March 23-24, 1968 and the Statler-Hilton, Boston in Boston, MA. The GoHs were Larry Niven and Warren McCulloch. It was chaired by Paul Galvin and attendance was 155. This was the first Boskone run by NESFA.

Ed Meskys held a meeting of the Tolkien Society of America at Boskone 5.

This was part of the modern series of Boskones. The first series (held during WW II) had been forgotten by the time the modern Boskone started, so the modern series again started at 1. To distinguish, first series Boskones use Roman numerals, and modern Boskones use Arabic numerals. (Boskone V was held in 1945.)

See the April 1968 issue of Science Fiction Times for a short con report

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