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Boskone II was an early convention held February 22, 1942 at the Ritz Plaza Hotel in Boston, MA. Sponsored by the Stranger Club and chaired by Art Widner who welcomed the members -- attendance was about 25, including the Spiritrip by the majority of Columbia, SC's fandom and Bob Jones from Columbus, OH.

Widner announced his marriage, and that he had made a sale to Weird Tales. Fans discussed local club affiliation with the N3F, sponsoring a convention in Philadelphia, if the War caused the postponement of the Pacificon. John W. Campbell, Jr., Mary Gnaedinger, and Robert W. Lowndes provided original illustrations for an auction. Suddsy Schwartz impressed many when he spent $5.25 (half of his worldly wealth) on a Finlay cover.

Widner's adaptation of L. R. Chauvenet's "Legion of Legions" theater-in-the-round parody of the Jack Williamson novel was performed. (Scripts were handed out to the audience who were happy to shout out prompts when the cast forgot its lines.)

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