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by Frank R. Prieto, Jr. (from the October 1965 issue of Science Fiction Times).

(Friday, September 10, 1965): The schedule of events began with the opening of the "Bay State Room" for advance registrations, at 5:00 P.M. At 7:00 P.M. the "Bay State Room" began the Folk Singing by Jim Markwood of Rochester, N.Y. and Pat O'Neil of Cambridge, MA At 9:00 P.M. the Committee Lounge opened in Room 816. This room was open 24 hours a day to all during the Convention. The room contained coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, cookies, crackers, and peanut butter for all. At 12:00 midnight the Bay State Room was closed until the following morning.

(Saturday, September 11, 1965): The Bay State Room was again opened at 9:00 A.M. for registration, which ended at 12 noon. At 1:30 P.M. the Boskone '65 was officially opened by the Chairman David A. Vanderwerf, who welcomed the attendees, and explained that the MITSFS was going to present a regional convention every year. Also that they were going to try for The World Convention in 1967. At 1:45 P.M. the panel moderated by Hal Clement (H. C. Stubbs) consisting of Isaac Asimov and Ben Bova, pros battled Dwight Batteau and Jerome Lettvin, readers. on the topic Scientists vs. Science Fiction. As the panel was beginning to hit its stride, the allotted tine drew to a close and they were forced to stop to allow the next item on the program to begin. At 3;10 Fred Pohl spoke on Science Fiction Writers as Good Second Guessers. At the end of his speech, Mr. Pohl answered questions from the audience. At 3:50 an intermission of 20 minutes was announced as the next speaker had not as yet made his appearance. At 4:10 with the next speaker Dr. Robert Ensmann had not yet made his appearance the committee asked Forrest J Ackerman to speak on his 75 Day Trip In Europe. Ferry spoke on his 10 Day S-F Film Festival in Triests, Italy, the three day German Convention, and the four day World Science Fiction Convention in England. At 5:00 P.M., an intermission of 2 1/2 hours was announced for supper as Dr. Robert Ensmann was still expected at any time. At 7:30 Dr. Ensmann, of Avco spoke on "Manned Interstellar Flight", he discussed his curent research in the field. At the end of his speech he answered questions from the audience. At 8:30 the committee ran-off four episodes from the Hugo-winning TV series, "Twilight Zone". In connection with the running of the films, if David Asimov had not stepped forward to help the committee in finding out where the light switch for turning on the lights in the room the audience would have had to wait a while before being able to see the films. David Asimov also ran the last film on the program without any help from Hal Clement who acted as the projectionist for the committee in a very creditable manner. Thus refuting that old Brome that famous fathers never have smart children. At 10:30 P.M. the formal program was ended for the day. The informal program continued in the Boskone Lounge until the early hours of the following morning. Among the many attendees of the first day were Lester del Rey, Forrest J Ackerman, Fred Pohl, Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Asimov, and Ben Bova. It was suggested by Fred Pohl in his speech to Fandom at Large that an annual award in the shape of "The Skylark of Space" should be established in Doc Smith's name. At the end of Mr. Pohl's speech, David Vanderwerf announced on behalf of the Boskone committee that beginning in 1966 an annual award in Doc Smith's name will be given for the best Imaginative writing.

The total registered attendees numbered 66 with about 30 persons buying banquet;, tickets.

(Sunday, September 12, 1965): The banquet started at 1:45 P.M. with a Roast Beef dinner. At 12:45 the start of speeches began. The Toastmaster was Tony Lewis. The GoH, Hal Clement, spoke on his writing science-fiction. At the end of the GoH Speech, The Boskone Committee gave out several awards. The first award, the "Oguh" was given to Alma Hill for distinguished service to science-fiction, in the New England Region. A plaque was given to the GoH for his science-fiction writing, and a special award was given to the Toastmaster Tony Lewis for his services to the Boskone Committee. The Committee Lounge was kept opened until 12:00 midnight for any remaining attendees.

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