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(March 20, 1947 - Jan. 15, 2012)

A 1980s actifan, Robert G. Lovell Jr. became known as "Moose" after he began wearing a hat with cartoonish stuffed moose antlers to cons.

Bob was living in the Baltimore-Washington area when he became prominent throughout fandom as an active bidder for the successful Baltimore in '83 Worldcon bid. He traveled to numerous conventions around the country to throw bidding parties and give "Backrubs for Baltimore," usually accompanied by Scott Dennis ("Squirrel"). He lived in Smof Central.

Later he moved to Ann Arbor, where, after an incident in the jacuzzi at a ConFusion, he was sometimes called "Chocolate Moose."

He became part of the Xanadu Project and moved to California along with Roger Gregory, Hugh Daniel and other fans who worked on what almost (but not quite) invented the World Wide Web. He had by that time married Toots Larue and gafiated. Later, he lived in the Chicago area, and had moved to Houghton, Michigan, at the time of his death.

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