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From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
(Tucker) A short sentence which makes the strongest, if not the most lucid, impression when presented standing alone. There are three types. One is a passage taken out of its imaginary context, as, "There he was on the sidewalk, selling flags". Another is the statement meaningful in itself, often a piece of propaganda; exempla gratia "Be not FooFooled nor Ghuguiled; Roscoe Alone is Great". Finally, there is the utterly nonsensical bit of whimsy, like "I did not set fire to my tent!"

from Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement ca. 1960: Burbee was shocked to find his blankthot, "I did not set fire to my tent!", still remembered. "I got it from some old Kipling movie of the 30s. It seems some of the soldiers are ragging the 20-year private about the time he allegedly set fire to his tent, stripped himself naked, and, roaring drunk with a bottle in each hand, marched down the company street singing 'God Save the Queen'. Quite indignant, the old soldier replies: ' 'Tis a filthy lie. I did not set fire to my tent!' "

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