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A totem of Harlan Ellison et al.'s 7th Fandom. A red bird bath provided by Harlan was carried in triumphant procession by the self-proclaimed Seventh Fandomites at the 1953 Midwestcon as a "rallying totem" or symbol. According to Dick Eney, "Its symbolism should be obvious to anyone familiar with Freud, being the lingam combined with the yoni." Or, in more western terminology, the hot dog and the doughnut (or is it the other way around?) The term was inserted into fanzines and conversation at every opportunity by Seventh Fandomites as a phrase of immense import and significance; don't ask why; it was never explained except as just a bit of whimsy.

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
(Ellison) A catchphrase and symbol of Seventh Fandom, used as a motto or to stand in place of any convenient part of speech. Its symbolism should be obvious to anybody familiar with Freud, being the lingam combined with the yoni. In 1952-53 Harlan Ellison took a bright red birdbath to Beatley's for the Midwestcons there; Birdbath Press was a random publishing-house name used, apparently only by Ellison, while the BB was being plugged as 7th Fandom's symbol.

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