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(December 26, 1947 – September 14, 1984)

William Henry Fesselmeyer was an active Kansas City and Des Moines, IA, fan during the 1970s. He was married to fellow fan Sherry Fesselmeyer.

He served on the bid committee and concom of MidAmeriCon, the 1976 Worldcon there. WSFS business meeting wrangling at the time inspired Fesselmeyer to pen "How the GRINCH Stole Worldcon," a classic piece of fannish fiction.

His nickname, Bill "The Galactic" Fesselmeyer, was a nod to Harry Harrison's comic novel, Bill, The Galactic Hero. He was FGoH at BYOB-Con 7 in 1977.

Fesselmeyer was also active in the Society for Creative Anachronism as Baron William Coeur du Boeuf, and was a founder of the Des Moines-area chapter.

On Sept. 14, 1984, Fesselmeyer, his wife, Sherry Fesselmeyer, and two fellow SCA members were driving to a SCA coronation in St. Louis when a northbound car swerved over the center line into their path. In the head-on collision, the Fesselmeyers and their two friends were killed. A joint funeral service for the Fesselmeyers held in Des Moines was attended by friends from the SCA wearing full dress armor, and Fesselmeyer was buried in his battle armor at Floral Hills Cemetery in Kansas City.

See his obituary in File 770 #49 p1 .

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